EHDEN partnership

MEDICALSCAN has been chosen to participate in EHDEN’s data collection as Small and Medium Enterprise partner. Achieving the possibility to take part in the European Health Data and Evidence Network as a contributing data provider gives the opportunity to further widen our international recognition as reliable health data processing and research organization.

In March, 2020 EHDEN’s SME Certification Committee has decided to accept Medicalscan’s application for their training and certification programme. New possibilities opened up to create a thriving ecosystem that generates reliable evidence to improve patient outcomes with this collaboration. Medicalscan, as a specialized research organization developed its own state of the art solutions for evaluating health data. Providing real world evidence services on the Hungarian and International market, Medicalscan has established long-term relationship with regionally significant multinational market players, while reached an extensive range of healthcare professionals directly. Joining EHDEN’s professional network gives us the possibility to act as an enabler to facilitate data sources, to participate in large-scale federated studies using well developed analytical tools. We believe that Medicalscan’s experience, extensive network of contacts and direct access to local healthcare providers make it a valuable partner for EHDEN. Medicalscan is proud of the challenge of participating in a transparent scientific data collection and evaluation process that makes a strong contribution to maintaining the health of the people of the European Union, facilitating the work of decision-makers and stakeholders, and increasing clinical effectiveness.