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PharmaScan / Real Word Evidence

PharmaScan / Real Word Evidence provides valid, objective data service based on patient information available in healthcare and insurance databases (RWE), including but not limited to retrospective and prospective clinical trials. It is essential for developing marketing, sales and market access strategies, providing evidence to payers and decision makers during entire product life cycle.


CRM – a self-developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to support pharmaceutical field forces as well as our wide range of experience of servicing third party software.


Marketing – state of art qualitative and quantitative market research, where we offer: complex market research solutions, from concept to analysis among pharmaceutical and healthcare stakeholders. With a strong background of field representatives, and digital access to health care providers MedicalScan offers multichannel marketing also.


Legal – GDPR compliant database as a base of all services, and strict pharmacovigilance SOP in place. Regular audits are performed by clients.


Chargomat – Chargomat as an interactive phone charger that collects from and shares information with patients. Due to its touchscreen it allows conduction of surveys and/or promotion.


Distribution – due to our wide portfolio of services, experience and know-how MedicalScan offers distribution services within the CEE region.